Our JUMP AND SLIDE castle offers two super fast slides for action-packed fun.


On entering the castle the octopus will greet you. With its arms, kids will enjoy swinging, climbing and tumbling.


Climb the 9 stairs to the top. Choose either side and slide down the super slippery slides. Slide as a single or side by side. Have a race.


Jump and Slide measures 10m (length) x 6m (wide) x 5m (high).


Jump and Slide is designed for hours and hours of fun and is most suitable for children of any age.


$450 for full day (up to 6 hours).

$550 overnight (up to 24 hours for example 3pm Saturday to 3pm Sunday). 


This castle requires:

* A flat area 11m x 7m.

* No overhead trees or wires.

* Approximately one hour to set up before your event and one hour after your event to dismantle.

* Two 240v power outlets.

* Trailer access to set up site.

* Knowledge of nearby underground pipes.