Go wild, climb, jump, crawl and race through The Obstacle.


With three lanes, The Obstacle is sure to get the adrenaline pumping. Through the entrance, over or through the tunnels, into the squeeze bars, zig zag past the vertical spikes, out and around to complete the obstacle course again.


Or just stay inside the obstacle and crawl and jump over the pop ups.


The Obstacle measures 9m (length) x 5m (wide) x 6m (high).


The Obstacle is designed for hours and hours of fun and is most suitable for children of all ages.


$250 for full day (up to 6 hours).

$350 overnight (up to 24 hours for example 3pm Saturday to 3pm Sunday).


This castle requires:

* A flat area 10m x 6m.

* Approximately 30 minutes to set up before your event and 30 minutes after your event to dismantle.

* One 240v power outlets.

* 6 x 4 trailer/ute access to set up site.

* Knowledge of nearby underground pipes.