Meet the "ANGRY BIRDS", although they are not really 'angry', as this castle is designed for hours and hours of fun.


This is a great backyard jumping castle. It can also be used indoors.


For children of all ages. The castle has a 200kg total weight limit.


It measures 4.8m x 4m x 3m.


This castle has an enclosed section with a large jumping area. It has a climbing wall that leads to a 3m high slide. The inside is sheltered from the sun.


$150 for full day (up to 6 hours).

$200 overnight (up to 24 hours, for example Saturday 8am to Sunday 8am). 


This castle requires:

* A flat area 6m x 5m.

* Approximately 30 minutes to set up before your event and 30 minutes after your event to dismantle.

* One 240v power outlet.

* 1m wide trolley access to set up site.

* Knowledge of nearby underground pipes.